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Colloques internationaux avec actes

  • Finite element simulation of the disk pressure test using an hydrogen sensitive cohesive elementY. Charles, B.E. Sar, M. Gaspérini, P. Jouinot (2010), IV European Conference on Computational Mechanics Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Engineering (ECCM 2010), May 16-21, 2010, Paris (France).
  • Damage model for quasi-brittle solid: coupled effects of induced and initial anisotropy. Halm D., Dragon A., Charles Y. ( 2002), 6th European Mechanics of Materials Conference (EMMC6), Liège (Belgique).
  • Long Term Reliability of Metal/Ceramic Structures. Charles Y., Hild F. and Duval J. (2001), 8th International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability (ICOSSAR 2001), Newport Beach (USA).Resume (72.35 kB)