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Newly Listed Joomla! Extensions

Find extensions for your Joomla site in the Joomla Extensions Directory, the official directory for Joomla components, modules and plugins.

  • — eorisis: Facebook Pixel

       (Mercredi, 21 Novembre 2018 07:57)

    Eorisis Facebook Pixel is a free open source Joomla extension that integrates your site with the Facebook Pixel system and lets you measure, optimise and build audiences for your advertising campaigns. It is "extension independent" and can be used site-wide. Clean, secure and user friendly.

    Fully compatible with Joomla 4.
    Joomla Compatibility: 4.0, 3.10, 3.9, 3.8, 3.7, 3.6, 3.5, 3.4, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.5, 1.7, 1.6
    PHP Compatibility: 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6, 5.5, 5.4, 5.3
    Package Info: Ready for initial installation or upgrade.


    • No Facebook code copy/paste required.
    • Respect DNT (Do Not Track) option.
    • Extended UTF-8 support.
    • Works on both Online and Offline site...

    • — Category Accordion for Virtuemart

         (Mardi, 20 Novembre 2018 23:02)

      Great way to create smooth and responsive Virtuemart Category Accordions.

      Category Accordion for Virtuemart is an elegant, flexible & user friendly, jQuery based multi-level category accordion module for Virtuemart with various options and easing effects. With the simplified settings and coloring options, you can create varieties of accordions on the fly.


      1. Clean and Responsive jQuery based Virtuemart Category Accordion.

      2. Creates toggle and self open/close accordions.

      3. Supports mouse click and hover events.

      4. Supports Multi-level and infinite level category accordion.

      5. You can exclude categories on accordion.

      6. Options to show or hide products count.

      7. You can change category ordering and it's direction.

      8. Open/Active a category by default(Current page category or selected category).

      9. Search...

      10. — JL Sitemap

           (Mardi, 20 Novembre 2018 18:48)

        JL Sitemap - Component site maps for Joomla. Generates a real sitemap.xml.

        Free component for Joomla allows you to quickly and most importantly correctly create a map of your site. In the base delivery comes full support for Joomla articles.

        The package includes:

        • Sitemap component.
        • Joomla articles support plugin.
        • Joomla Tag support plugin.
        • Joomla Contact support plugin.
        • K2 support plugin
        • Plugin launch sitemap generation by cron.

        Features JL Sitemap

        • Full compatibility with Joomla 3.9 and higher.
        • Building a site map according to the Joomla router.
        • Exception of doubles.
        • Support for Russian and English.
        • It can handle a huge number of links.
        • Create a real sitemap.xml file.
        • Does not create a load on the hosting, resources are...

        • — Cookie Information - Consent Solution

             (Samedi, 17 Novembre 2018 11:27)

          This is a GDPR consent solution plugin created by Cookie Information. For more information visit:


          This plugin will easily implement the Website Consent solution from Cookie information into your website.

          The plugin adds the required scripts and SDK libary for Cookie blocking to the Joomla installation.

          The solution contains:
          - Consent pop-up
          - Privacy controls – opt-in and opt-out buttons
          - Cookie Policy
          - Cookie control SDK – blocking of cookies
          - Legally required consent log

          The plugin automatically changes to the active language provided by Joomla.

        • — JR Maps For K2

             (Vendredi, 16 Novembre 2018 19:45)

          Easy and efficient Maps plugin for K2, maps are displayed in item and category views, with custom marker icons.


          • Easy to fill in location data (latitude/longitude) by dragging and dropping a marker on the map.
          • Custom marker item can be selected for each K2 item, an icon set is already included, and you can upload your custom marker icons.
          • Map is displayed in the item view, also it is displayed in the category view in case the category has children items with maps.

          How it works?

          • Install the plugin in the normal way of installing Joomla extensions.
          • Enable the plugin and configure it.
          • Edit item and category...



Joomla! Official News

Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system

  • — Joomla 3.9 is live!

       (Mardi, 30 Octobre 2018 14:45)

    Joomla 3.9, The Privacy Tool Suite

    It’s a good day for the Joomla Project, as today we proudly announce the release of Joomla 3.9 – ‘The Privacy Tool Suite’ - marking the tenth minor release in the 3.x series.

  • — Joomla 3.8.13 Release

       (Mardi, 09 Octobre 2018 15:45)

    joomla 3813 sr18

    Joomla 3.8.13 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses 5 security vulnerabilities.

  • — Red alert, shields up - The work of the Joomla Security Team

       (Mardi, 25 Septembre 2018 11:00)

    Joomla Security Strike Team

    A CMS-powered website has all the ingredients for an IT security nightmare: it is publicly accessible, it’s running on powerful machines with great connectivity and the underlying system is used countless times around the globe, making it an attractive target for attackers.
    The Joomla Security Strike Team (JSST) is working hard to make sure that this nightmare doesn’t become reality for Joomla users!

  • — Joomla 3.8.12 Release

       (Mardi, 28 Août 2018 15:45)

    Joomla 3.8.12

    Joomla 3.8.12 is now available. This is a security release for the 3.x series of Joomla which addresses 3 security vulnerabilities and contains over 20 bug fixes and improvements.

  • — 13 Reasons to Love Joomla!

       (Mercredi, 22 Août 2018 13:30)

    joomla 13 birthday

    13 years ago, we set out with a vision – to develop a CMS that stood firm on its Open Source values. Instantly, the community was behind us – with more than a thousand people joining our project within just one day. Fast forward 13 years and you could say that we’ve come a long way. 14 versions in (major/minor), Joomla! now powers millions of websites, with more than 7950 extensions lining the digital shelves of our extension directory.